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Trailer Tack Rooms



Slat Wall and Baskets

We took a small, under-utilized portion of the slant wall and added a slat wall and eight baskets, still leaving room for a cooler below (our refrigerator).  The white continues the light theme.  The baskets travel well and provide great storage for the essentials needed for the weekend.  We label each basket (example: braiding supplies, spray bottles) so it's easy to find and easy to put things away, especially with multiple people involved.





Standard Horse trailer rack with hooks

We make good use of this length of hooks with the expected items such as bridle, halter, fly mask, etc.  In the center, I used an Ariat grooming bag that contains everything I need to get my horse ready before a class.  The items stored here are dedicated for shows so I don't need to "remember".








Cabinets, Counter Tops and Mirror

We selected white cabinets to keep the trailer bright.  White generally runs about 20% less than colored finishes.  The cabinets on the lower left are our kitchen with two shelves that easily accommodate food and kitchen items for the weekend.  The lower right cabinets are used for boot storage, our trash can and a 5-gallon waste water bucket draining the sink.  Currently we  use bottled water to brush teeth and wash up - a great luxury.  A future goal is to hook the sink faucet up with a pump running from the portable corner water tank we installed to the right behind the saddle racks.  The mirror was an extra from the house, but that and the big counter are the envy of the show set.



Tall Cabinets  & Drawers (two photos)

The floor to ceiling cabinets provide separation and privacy to the sleeping area.  The cabinets are two pieces, with the top cabinet deeper to accommodate hanging items such as dressage coats.  A closet for each of us.  I often take more than I need "because I have the room and can!"  The lower drawers on the left are lockable for good traveling.  We added a bench with a lid for extra storage, seating and a step up to the sleeping area.  There is an additional cabinet on the right with the door swinging right to left over the step.  We store all the bathroom necessities in this area, along with towels.